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                              We Remain Hopeful In 2021

      It's been eighteen months since The China Virus or Covid 19 has caused Americans to restrict their travel, routines, and entertainment.  We hope that all of your  families and friends have remained safe through this once-in-a-lifetime ordeal,  and we send our deepest sympathies to those who may have lost a loved one.   

     With former President Trump initiating "Operation Warp Speed" new vaccines have been available and have had much success ( as high as 90% or better at being effective ).  As of this update, nearly 170 million Americans have been vaccinated.  

    Nearly all of our 2020 schedule was cancelled and some of our regular venues have either closed their doors, or have been slow to open 100% this season.  The guys and I remain positive and hope that the second half of 2021 we'll see businesses florish again.  Restaurants, bars, and the various places where folks would gather more often and in greater numbers will hopefully make a huge come back as the vaccine and "herd immunity" puts this virus to rest.  We're looking forward to the day when we can get back to some sense of "normal" without the constant threat of mask mandates and social distancing.  

    Please continue to be safe and use common sense by washing your hands often especially after

activities and errands in public places.   


    Thanks for being our fans and friends. 

    Come and see and hear us at Peach Days - Hurricane, UT - Thu.  Sept. 2  &  Sat. Sept. 4    

    We can't wait to get out "On The Road Again."    

   Rich,  Jim,  Dutch  &  Kevin . . . The Fabulous Honky Tonk Heroes

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