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                              Classic Country Music In 2023

        While much of the "New Country" Top 40 rotation you will find on the radio drifts further               away from the songs by the great tunesmiths and crooners, there has been some new material

         out there that has given me hope that Classic Country Music continues to be created by a                 younger select new generation of songwriters and musicians.  

         Songs like "Love You Anyway" by Luke Combs,  or Jordon Davis' "Next Thing You Know,"

        or my favorite "Human" by Cody Johnson.  All have raised my appreciation and                                  admiration for  some of these talented new songwriters and singers who have chosen to                    present their wares without the traumatizing electric sounds of a 80's rock band. 

        You can hear every note,  understand the lyrics, and the story arcs and song structures                       are just amazing!   

       Please continue to be alert and sober when you're driving about our highways and by-ways. 

       Your family and loved ones depend on you to bring them home safely. 


       Don't forget to come out to see and hear us on July 22 at Sand Hollow Resort , or at The Peach         Days Festival in Hurricane, Utah in late August.  We'd love to meet you and say thanks.


                        Rich,  Jim,  Dutch  &  Kevin . . . The Fabulous Honky Tonk Heroes

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