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The Band

The Fabulous Honky Tonk Heroes are regularly holed up in southern Utah but continue to ride throughout the region and border states to perform many of the most memorable number one hits of Classic Country Music.


As a spin-off of The Dixie Troubadours, and The Honky Tonk Heroes of Southern Utah, TFHTH  began in 2012, and although personnel have changed several times, the band's quest to provide the finest in Classic Country music for audiences throughout Utah and the surrounding states continues and stands true.  The group is built around the the last standing  original "Hero,"  New York singer/songwriter, Rich Panessa, on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, along with one of Utah's premier  drummers and percussionist, "Dutch"Workmanversatile, veteran lead guitarist Jim Sevy , and last but certainly not least, electric bass guitarist Kevin Till . . . with each contributing decades of outstanding professional music experience.  The band has also been joined in the past by the multi-talented pianist and keyboard specialist,  John Houston, and several fine experienced percussionists like Frankie D or Tyler Sevy.  Whenever in "concert mode," it's likely other fabulous musicians from the Beehive State will join TFHTH on stage.   

The Heroes' music is as warm and satisfying as fresh baked corn bread; sweet and savory as homemade apple pie, with a message as strong as Tennessee sippin' whiskey. It embraces the dance steps made popular from the 50's thru the 90's, and reflects the best that Classic Country Music had to offer before it began inching toward hard rock.  


The Heroes' Music Description;

It's the buzz of a neon sign , saw dust covered floors, the sound of squeaky hinges followed by the slam of an old screen door.

It's a slow walk on a back road just before sunset and feeling that cool evening air wash over you. . . . It's the aroma of honeysuckle to make you as woozy as the feeling you'd get when you'd put your arm around your baby. . . .  

It's the anticipation of seeing the welcoming lights of a "honky tonk"  just around the bend. . . . or the thumpin' of a Wurlitzer juke box back when three songs played for just a quarter. . . .

It's cold beer, "buy backs,"  old friends, and the sound of tires leaving a gravel parking lot at 3 a.m. . . . and the sight of two cigarettes slowly burning in an ashtray while lovers dance in the shadows to Patsy's "Crazy"

The Fabulous Honky Tonk Heroes cater to those who like to dance, or couples who remain seated at a quiet table listening to a memory that brought them together. TFHTH  is as much at home at a private party, under the neon lights of a smoky old honky tonk, or on stage in front of a concert audience.  Classic Country Music  is what they do.                

Their sets include the wonderful hits country music lovers know well, and cover many of the greats from George Strait to George Jones, Hank Sr. to Hank Jr. , Marty Robbins to Marty Stuart, Charlie Pride to Charlie Rich, with a dash of Country Rock, Rockabilly, and a handful of originals too.

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